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Force is closely linked with the concept of pressure.
Force is Ether, Energy. Free Ether emitted by particles, is a Force. This Ether (i.e., this Force) is able to put pressure on bodies, i.e. to impact mechanically – and to move them, deform and destroy. At the same time Ether filling particles – it is also a Force. That is, each elementary particle – its surface – is a Force. And when any particle moves and collides with other particles, it put pressure on them.
The first of these Forces – free, emitted Ether – is associated with particles Yang, since exactly they emit Ether. Particles Yang – are Forces of Repulsion.
The second Force – is Force of pressure of the particle surface. Any moving particle – whether Yin or Yang – represents a Force of Movement. That is, a moving particle acts as a Force – it can exert pressure.
The third Force is Force of Attraction. Particles Yin absorbing Ether when they are motionless nevertheless also are Forces. But this Force is special, unlike the previous two. Because that the Gravity Field created by such particle does not lead to pressure of the particle on another (unlike the above two cases). However, the Gravity Field of a particle Yin is the cause, first, of the pressure on this particle by other particles Yin that are attracted to it, and secondly, of the pressure exerted by the particles Yin each other in their aspiration to be attracted to our particle. This latter case of pressure we can observe in the world around us when we are in the heavenly body – in the planet. Solid and liquid bodies, aiming towards the center of Earth, press on each other. Each of us can feel this pressure by its own body, if, for example, put on the palm any object, even a book. Elementary particles of chemical elements of the book are gravitated by particles Yin of chemical elements of the Earth. Because of this, the particles of the book put pressure on each other, and on the particles of the hand.
The last of the Forces – is Force of Inertia. Ether emitted by rear hemisphere of a moving particle presses only on the particle itself.
Thus, particles Yin and Yang may either themselves act as Forces (their surface), or become an indirect cause of a Force – particles with Fields of Repulsion generate Forces of Repulsion and particles with Fields of Attraction give rise to Forces of Attraction.
We remind you once again that a Force – it is nothing like Ether (Energy) – either free (emitted), or enclosed in a particle. And there are only four types of forces – Repulsion, Attraction, Pressure of Surface of the particle and Inertial.

All four of these types of Forces are the cause of the pressure on particles – either on free, or on ones that in conglomerates of particles. Pressure caused by any of three Forces, is not different from pressure of other types of Forces. Pressure of emitted Ether is exactly the same as pressure of a moving particle. And it is completely identical to pressure the cause of which – is a Force of Attraction. That is, free Ether presses as well as Ether, enclosed in an elementary particle. The only difference between pressure of free Ether and pressure of particles - is that free Ether, exerting pressure on a particle, at the same time is able to pass through it, break down in it, and heat it in a such way (transform it). By the way, atmospheric pressure is exactly this type of pressure. It is capable to heat bodies on the surface of the planet, passing through them. But when a particle surface presses on a particle, Ether of the particle can’t enter into the particle, and consequently, can’t transform (heat) it.

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