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Any scientist is a person, a part of our planet. Everyone can have an access to all that diversity of ideas, existing in the form of elementary particles of different plans - free and in the form of conglomerates. "Ideas are in the air" - is not figurative expressions, and literal. Most of the ideas owning by human minds are really worn in the Earth's atmosphere. These ideas are information, all kinds of behavior programs, algorithms, or simply action images that tell us something. These "ideas" are worn not only in the air. They also penetrate dense and liquid bodies and environment. However, in a gaseous environment there are them more of all.
Obviously, the scientists, the creators of quantum mechanics - Einstein, Planck, and Bohr - were influenced by the idea of ​​being in the universe confrontation between two main principles - Matter and Spirit, Yin and Yang. Probably this influence over can explain the famous postulate of quantum mechanics declaring the possibility of interconversion of mass and energy. Of course, the concepts of quantum mechanics can be criticized and many of them to refute. In one way or another we will do it.
Let's talk about the fact that we are satisfied with the above postulate of interconversion and what does not and why.
In our book it claims that energy is a synonymous with Spirit, the second aspect of God. However, any particle (Soul) is a union of Matter and Spirit. Studying quantum mechanics we can easily see that its creators contrasted the mass and energy in the same way as in the occultism Matter and Spirit are opposed. Energy from the standpoint of science – is a warm, light, electromagnetic or radioactive radiation. Mass is chemical elements and all of them is. Mass is that radiates energy.
Equate energy on the one hand and the product of mass and velocity of the other, Einstein essentially invented nothing new. And earlier, in classical mechanics there are at least three formulas describing the dependence of energy from mass:
T = mυ ² / 2 (kinetic energy);
p = mυ (impulse);
F = mυ / t (Force).
A new was an application of the laws of classical mechanics (created for macroscopic objects) in respect to micro-objects. And the novelty contained in the statement is that mass (chemical elements, substance) can be converted into energy and evaporate. That is, in representation of quantum mechanics there is something like mass evaporation.
Surely the founders of quantum mechanics are very pleased and inspired by the idea that they can shake or even destroy one of the "untouchables" conservation laws - the Law of Conservation of Mass that argued that the matter does not arise out of nothing and does not disappear. In some ways of course, they were right. The very process of heating chemical elements is a process of transformation, i.e. a changing of the quality of particles that make up these elements. Heating of a particle – it is really "Matter, ascended to Heaven", Matter, changing its quality and turning into Spirit. If you remember, in the transformation process of particles Yin often in the rear hemisphere a Field of Repulsion appears. And in Yan particles the Field of Repulsion increases. This process is called in occultism as "Matter Ascension to Heaven", "Ignition of Lights" and "Rising of Kundalini".
Mass in science is a symbol of Matter. Energy is a symbol of Spirit. So, as you can see, quantum mechanics remotely grasped an existence of the Law of Transformation. Quality of particles is capable to change – Mass is able to ascend to the state of Energy and comes back.
However we partially attributed to quantum mechanics what it has not. Yet under the interconversion of mass and energy quantum mechanics understood completely different, distinct from our perceptions. Mass in their understanding - it is rather an amount of substance. And its value may increase or decrease depending on whether it absorbs or emits that what is called Energy.
Energy in quantum mechanics in contrast to mass - is something immaterial. Despite the fact that "quantum scientists" believe that energy is emitted and absorbed by quanta, "portions", yet in their view this energy after emission or absorption is scattered, spread out like a drop in the ocean. I.e. in quantum mechanics, quantum of energy exists only in moments of emission and absorption. The rest time all energy is one. In this respect, quantum mechanics is in solidarity with the wave theory of Huygens. However, this is misconceptions. Quanta of energy are forever. They exist as long as there is this universe, until the occurrence of Mahapralaya. Quanta of energy are elementary particles that make up everything including all chemical elements. Emission and absorption of energy by “atom” - it is nothing like the emission and absorption of elementary particles.
With regard to the mass conservation law the particular understanding of its meaning - it is a very controversial issue. All the matter is that there is not only mass, but also antimass. Not only gravity is but repulsion. And in the law of mass conservation these facts do not count.
When it is alleged that in the course of chemical reactions, the total mass of initial and final components of the reaction does not change it's not quite right. Here those solar elementary particles are not counted that accumulate on the surface of chemical elements. In the course of chemical reactions, there is a redistribution of the surface particles. Force fields of the same types of chemical elements in different compounds are of varying quality. In some compounds, an element acts as a reducing agent - Yin. In the other it is as the oxidant - Yang. And all is because of the redistribution of particles on the surface. Although, in general, an overall qualitative and quantitative composition of each element remains unchanged. The composition of the surface layer only changes. The number of solar particles arrives or decreases. The number of those particles that were a part of   elements originally, is practically unchanged. And how many particles Yin (mass) and particle Yang (antimass) were, and remain so. However, the more exposure of the surface layers can either strengthen or weaken a mass of any element, i.e. the Field of Attraction value in areas where the field of such quality appears.
So, as you can see, the Law of Conservation of Mass needs to be adjusted.
Perhaps the creators of quantum mechanics in general should not attract this law as an argument and use it to prove that mass disappears as energy.
The only thing that you can imagine: at a time when quantum mechanics arises, it was such nonsense - the assertion that atoms (chemical elements) are not indivisible entities and may consist of quanta of energy.
So, as you can see, this issue is far from to be considered easy in attainment. But here we are talking not about the ease or difficulty understanding what processes occur in chemical elements and how they absorb and emit the elementary particles. Not at all. We are talking about the complexity of understanding what sense was invested in their assertions by the creators of quantum mechanics. But let a private misunderstanding not hamper the process of our general knowledge. Physics of the early twentieth century - is a history. Let’s take out all the most valuable of it, the rest surrender into the hands of historians of science.
One becomes apparent when studying quantum mechanics. Not accidentally physics addicting it, feels to its postulates attitude similar to religious awe. This branch of science as well as relativistic mechanics and nuclear physics perfectly enhances a human consciousness.

Thank you for your attention!

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