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The mechanism of attraction bases on the first principle of behavior of Ether - "In the ethereal field voids do not occur". Ether filling a particle moves in the direction of lack of Ether, appearing in the place of ethereal field where an object with a Field of Attraction is located. It does not matter what quality the gravitating particle has - it can has as an Attractive Field and a Repulsive Field, and a magnitude of these fields can be any. In any case, filling it Ether will move in the direction of lack – i.e. comprising an ethereal flow of Attraction Field of the object that attracts the particle.
An ethereal flow of Field of Attraction, enthralling the attracting particle, this is the Force of Attraction.
Immediately we should clarify a very important point. If both interacting particles have Fields of Attraction with different magnitudes, then an attracting particle is the one with a bigger field, and an attracted particle is the one with a smaller Field. I.e. a particle with a smaller Field of Attraction will approach to the particle with a bigger field, and not vice versa. You can call it the Rule of Submission to the Dominant Force of Gravity. However, both particles fell an existence and action of Fields of Attraction of each other – as wit a Field of greater magnitude and smaller. But to feel a Field – it doesn’t mean to obey him. Let’s repeat – the particle with a smaller Field obeys to the particle with a bigger one moves toward it.
If both particles have Fields of Attraction and their value is the same, then they are both simultaneously attracting and attracted. And both will move towards each other - converge.
In the event that only one of the particles has an Attractive Field, and the second is characterized by the Field of Repulsion, while only a particle Yin can be an attracting one. A Yang particle always is attracted.
When a particle moving in Gravity Field of other particle, and then comes closer, it stops - a connection arise between the particles. You can call it the gravitational, i.e. due to the action of Attraction Field. There is no chemical, nuclear or any other kinds of connection. Any type of this one is gravitational, i.e. existing due to the action of the Attraction Field. An emergence of connection between particles we can call as a fixing of the particles each to other.
However, as we’ll say in the future in an article about the transformation by gravity, attracted particles do not touch each other. The gap between them remains. And phenomenon of transformation of the quality explains by the preservation of distance.
The process of gravitation we can compare with the winding up of thread. If both particles have Fields of Attraction, then the "tangles" are located directly at both ends of "thread", and they both wind the "thread" at the same time, each with their own side. The "thread" in this case - is Ether and the "tangles" – are particles. A tangle-particle, "winding" Ether with a higher speed bring closer to itself a "tangle" winding Ether with a slower speed. When the "tangles" completely reel up free "thread" among themselves, they are in contact with each other and stop. In this case, both "tangles" reel up the “thread”, that is, both have the Field of Attraction.
But it may be that only one of the "tangles" is winding a "thread", while another is unwinding it – i.e. only one of the particles has a Field of Attraction, while other has a Repulsive Field. Naturally, tangles-particles with Fields of Attraction can wind the thread onto itself indefinitely without changing their sizes, as well as particles with Fields of Repulsion are infinitely capable to unwind it off (also not changing a size of the radius). So this is the process of attraction of particles.
Thus, even after the particles are attracted to the contact they continue to strive towards each other so as Ether, filling every particle at each point in time continues to strive towards an adjacent particle, where a lack of Ether is. Constantly created by attracted particles with Fields of Attraction an "ethereal emptiness" is precisely the cause of the "connection" of particles.

When attracting and attracted particles close together and touch, they continue to absorb Ether between them at the point of contact. Do not forget that the particles absorb not the Ether, which is in contact with the surface of the particles, and the one in which the surface is submerged. Particles are the spheres and the area of their contact with each other is only one point. Ether still continues to receive from the ambient field to the particle surfaces contacting each other. Therefore, in the area of contact of the particles with each other the lack of receipt of Ether from the surrounding field does not arise.

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